Why Cyberbullying can be Referred to as “Unimagined Cruelty”

Discuss at least five reasons as to why cyberbullying can be referred to as “unimagined cruelty”.

Who do you think is responsible to address the issues of cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying has raised serious issues for law enforcement, school officials, child protection, parental supervision and freedom of speech advocates. These issues are being addressed in a variety of ways in different situations and locations. A social dilemma exists that has not been resolved. Many school administrators believe that the school cannot and should not be held responsible for every message that every student sends from their home computer. That is a daunting responsibility for our schools to assume.

On the other hand, many students who are being victimized by cyberbullying are reluctant to share that information with their parents in fear that the computer or cell phone will be taken off limits for them. Most parents are not savvy about the various ways that electronic technology can be used to inflict trauma and don’t know how to monitor their children’s usage, even if they wanted to. Schools may be the only recourse for some students where consequences can come into play.

List and discuss the various types of cyberbullying

How can each type of cyberbullying best be addressed?

What interventions have you seen successfully used?