Over the past two years, we have transitioned to online presentations using Zoom and similar technologies, with participants from all parts of the country. Please contact us to discuss ways we can work together.

  • Panel Discussion
    Panel of five members of the Banishing Bullying Behavior Project present “Thou Shalt Not Bully” from early childhood through senior adulthood. It is a 30-40 minute presentation followed by Q & A.
  • Teacher In-service development
    • Lecture followed by Q&A
    • Interactive workshop
  • Power point presentation followed by Q & A
  • Workshops

Until it is safe to meet in person all presentations will be delivered via Zoom as I have done for the last two years. Have found Zoom to be a very effective for of delivery.

We are also involved with a range of presentation styles depending on audience and needs. Here are a few examples:

“We would like to thank you again for generously giving your time and knowledge to our team. I was saying just after our call that it is like coach Andy Reid telling the Chiefs players what to stay focused on to win the game just before taking the field. Your insight really helped us focus on what will be key and important as well as what areas need more research.”

Michael Baxley, Executive Director, Englewood Arts