Characteristic of Twice-exceptional Children

  • They perform well in some classes and poorly in others. They perform well in the area of their giftedness but do poorly in the areas affected by their learning disability.
  • Many twice-exceptional students do poorly at rote memorization.
  • They have difficulty completing easy assignments but do well with more difficult concepts.
  • These students have periods of “spaceiness” or “glazed look” during which time they are in deep thought.
  • One of the most perplexing characteristics is that they can be hyperactive at times but also have periods of deep concentration to the point that they shut out the rest of the world.
  • Many of these students do not perform well on timed tests because they analyze the questions to a much greater depth than the average student.
  • Problems with eye hand coordination or fine motor skills make it difficult for some of these students to take notes in class.

Strengths and Weakness of Twice-exceptional Children

Twice- exceptional children often have much stronger oral language in contrast to their written language. They think in higher-level concepts and as mentioned above they do not do well with rote memorization.

Their long-term memory is much stronger than their short-term memory.