Banishing Bullying Behavior:

A Call to Action (New for 2019!)
From Early Childhood Through Senior Adulthood

Banishing Bullying Behavior: A Call to Action from Early Childhood through Senior Adulthood is just that, a call for each of us to take much needed action to stop the growing epidemic of bullying by people of all ages. This book is an in depth exploration of the various types of bullying: physical, verbal, emotional, cyber bullying and electronic bullying and the devastating, lifelong effect they have on their victims. In order to give the reader a clear understanding of the continuum of bullying behavior, Sosland presents the experiences shared by individuals of all ages in all stages of their lives. Many of these individuals came to the author with their stories when they heard she was writing this book “to spare others the enormous pain bullying had caused them”. The serious and often tragic topic of cyber bullying and bullycide, often suicide by teens who have been bullied until they can no longer endure the pain, is discussed by parents as well as professionals. Cyber bullying is presented at all stages of peer abuse. Much has been reported and written about childhood bullying but it has become clear that students identified as bullies in third grade were bullies into adulthood. This book explores their behavior in the workplace and senior adulthood. It is estimated that approximately fifty percent of the students who are bullies in school are bullied at home either by a parent or sibling. The parent who bullies at home probably is also a bully in the workplace. The author presents an overview of workplace bullying and an in-depth look at bullying in the fields of medicine, law and academia. At the end of an interview with a professional who described twenty-one years as the target of a number of different bullies in one organization Sosland asked why she stayed that in that job such a long time. She responded that she loved her job, believes that her organization was doing important work and therefore was willing to put up the negative workplace environment. The book also presents advice on how to experience positive, healthy workplace experiences. A chapter devoted to the efficacy of leadership includes a discussion of healthy workplaces. Another chapter covers the topic of the enormous power of kindness. It addresses the role of modeling and teaching kindness as an important component of the solution to the bullying problem. This book concludes with model responses to the “Call to Action” with descriptions of several organizations responses. It includes guidelines for individual and group responses.

Transforming the Culture of Peer Abuse
Second Edition 

“Banishing Bullying Behavior” challenges students, parents, educators, education support professionals, administrators, counselors, and policy makers to confront the culture of cruelty that is devastating our society.  This book is filled with insights, personal stories, anecdotal material, and strategies that are directed to the widest audience possible.  It urges us to become change agents and empower children to transform their pain, rage and revenge to empathy, kindness and healing.  The scope of this book includes physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, cyber, sibling and summer camp bullying.    All forms of bullying have become more intense as a result of the impact of social media and the need to address them is crucial.

The book also explores topics which include cyberbullying, children with disabilities, “mean girls,” teachers who are bullies, parents who refuse to accept that their children are bullies, and academic vs. social emotional learning concerns to help readers change the culture and banish bully behavior.

Banishing Bullying Behavior:

Transforming the Culture of Pain, Rage and Revenge
First Edition 

The Book

Fried and Sosland bring their combined experiences together to present a blueprint to reduce the pain, rage and revenge cycle of bullying. Their strategies have been captured from hands-on interaction with educators, parents and students. Their premise comes from the apocryphal village that is being ravaged by dysentery. Do you treat each person for their intestinal disorders or do you put in a sewer system? Do you work with each individual student or do you change a culture that hosts cruelty. Can you do both? The core of the book is the Student Empowerment Session that has been crafted and refined over fifteen years. This carefully organized, powerful system of questions has effected dramatic changes in children’s insights about their behavior.

The Authors

SuEllen Fried combined her background in dance therapy and child abuse prevention to create BullySafeUSA, a bullying prevention program that has been introduced to 85,000 students in 36 states. She has co-authored two books on bullying with her daughter, Paula Fried; is a past chairman of Prevent Child Abuse America and has appeared on numerous national TV programs such as Good Morning, America; the Today Show; MSNBC; and was featured in an A&E documentary, Bill Kurtis Reports, Bullied to Death.

Blanche Sosland spent most of her teaching career at the college and university level, but she also worked in classrooms ranging from early childhood to middle school. Her areas of expertise include diagnosis and remediation of reading problems in the classroom and twice-exceptional children.

Getting a Copy of Your Own!

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