2e Endorsements

Dr. Blanche Sosland has done it again! This is an important book because twice exceptional students are a grossly underserved student population and because far too few professionals and parents know how to identify them. “Twice Exceptional Children” combines strategies for identifying students gifted in one area and below grade level in another with practical “interventions”. It will be useful to those preparing to become teachers and their professors, those who have taught for several years, and parents of twice exceptional students. As with her recent book on bullying, it is very readable, combines theory and practice, and has numerous real life examples from her teaching, that of her students and from her colleagues.

Donald J. Breckon, President Emeritus, Park University

Blanche Sosland has written a powerful, thoughtful book . . .a call to action – that offers a pathway forward to identify and intervene on behalf of twice and thrice exceptional students. She writes with grace and style, compassion and generosity. This is an urgent book. Read it now.

Nancy Sommers, Lecturer
Harvard Graduate School of Education