2e Interventions

Teaching to the student’s strengths is a very effective way to help the student compensate for his/her learning deficit. Identifying the student’s interests is another key factor to enable the student to compensate. Establishing whether the student learns best using auditory, visual, or kinesthetic approaches is also very important.

For many twice exceptional students getting their thoughts from their head to the paper is a major stumbling block. Having them practice to develop their handwriting skills should be done in no more than fifteen-minute increments at a time. (11Vail) Permission to use computers for writing tasks has been a very effective means for 2e students to compensate.

For some twice-exceptional students it is helpful to learn the use of mnemonics and/or visualization. Knowing that 2e students do well learning complex abstract concepts they should be given the opportunity to do so.

The first step in helping twice exceptional students make the grade is to identify them. Once that is done their giftedness can be addressed as well as intervention for their learning disabilities can succeed. From there not only can they make the grade, they can go to the moon. Patricia Polacco’s “junkyard wonders” did!